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Musa winx

musa winx

Musa is from Melody, the Guardian Fairy of Melody, one of the founding members of the Winx Club Birthday ‎: ‎May 30. Musica, amiche e tanto divertimento! Parola di Musa! Guardate questo video e scendete in pista a. Musa est un des personnages de la série télévisée d'animation Winx Club. Musa est une fée de la musique venant de la planète Melody. Ses parents étaient.

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Musa Season 1 In season one , Musa appeared to have a cheerful and witty nature. In " Stylist Wanted ," the Winx travel to Paris in search of a stylish new talent , and seek to protect her from the Crocodile Man, who had just left the World of Dreams. Thankfully, they are successful in defeating the shadows and keeping Nadine safe but, because they had left the camera-drones behind, they are forced into a talent show Ace had put together as payback. Instagram YouTube Facebook Folge uns auf. Titel Schutzfee von Melody Fee der Musik. Am Ende dieses Vorfalls stimmt ihr Vater der Musik zu. Musa and Aisha are assigned to Aki Abe as her assistants flash games online bicker amongst themselves. When Bloom snatches the gem from the shark's jaw and gains the gem of courage, they all are happy. Sobics Wie gut kennst du die Winx? Titel Schutzfee von Melody Fee der Musik. Ich spiele leider nur ein wenig Klavier. Stella and Musa try to fight it, but Flora stops them and cures it and they get the next clue about the Sirenix quest. musa winx After braving through the Tower's defense mechanisms before Silke disarmed them, the Watchmaker descends to meet his niece and is introduced to everyone. Serena Illiris Desiryee Sonna Lithia Lemmy. Alias Myria New Powers. Standards Policy New Users. She was the fifth Winx girl introduced, after Bloom , Stella , Flora , and Tecna. In the thirteenth episode , she is seen with the others in the simulation room doing Harmonix Convergence. Musa and the Winx minus Bloom go to Domino Palace to celebrate Daphne 's revival. Later, the Winx arrive at a strange, budded tree , where they rescue Jim from the Crocodile Man and combat all of the Queen's henchmen. Fairy Rescue Section Ask Admin Section. After another small bout, the Crocodile Man flees and drops something in the process, which Musa later picks up and identifies as a strange device. Musa and Aisha are assigned to Aki Abe as her assistants and bicker amongst themselves. When Stella changes their dresses, they all fall but when she tries it again Musa says wow and they are all impressed. Musa can manipulate things by creating sonic booms which cause rumbling and crashes. They find the Flower of the Depths, where Flora enters it, finding a small white flower in its center. Her usual pants switch to a pink and black plaid skirt. Die TOP 5 der romantischsten Momente für allen Staffeln. Ich spiele leider nur ein wenig Klavier.

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Winx Club - Musa All Full Transformations up to Tynix! HD!

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Cs portable 1 Her Enchantix consists of a magenta and pale pink top that has orange ribbons that hang off to her left or right side, and a braided strap of the same color. In the first episodethe Winx are musa winx able to put a stop to another one of Venomya's sabotage attempts during their concert in Gardenia with old friends Annabelle and Louise. Musa in Season 5 In the fifth seasonMusa along with the other Winx, start their quest to earn the power of Sirenix. CostantStyle lustige fuß Deviations Featured: Flora and Musa are a bit vexed at Stella's behavior, saying that she is acting like a 3-year-old. Hilfe Wünsche und Verbesserungen. Später konnten sie das Linphea Schule befreien.
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